Determine water quality nachhaltig digital einfach .

sustainable and digital

The coral helpers

what sets them apart

Our coral helpers are the little brothers of the coral guardian and help you to quickly and easily determine your water quality. We attach particular importance to sustainability. The bottles of the coral helpers are reusable and for each parameter we offer refills. The empty bottles of the chemicals can be sent back to us so that we can refill them. This way we avoid unnecessary waste and protect the environment. They can be performed and evaluated directly in our app Typus. For the friends of analog media, we also always include printed instructions and evaluation table.

Korallenhelfer-Trio. Erste nachhaltige Wassertests

They convince individually or as a trio


Did you know?

What is accuracy, anyway?

In our blog post you will learn everything important about the accuracy of water tests, what is actually meant by it and how the accuracy is composed. 

the special thing about the coral helpers

Meerwasser Test Kits, Wassertests in App


Our coral helpers are fully integrated into our app Typus. Typus supports both the execution and evaluation of the tests.

Korallenhelfer Chargenkontrolle, kontrollierte Wassertests


To ensure that our coral helpers always give you accurate results, we test every batch 100%.

nachhaltige Wassertests, Korallenhelfer, recycelte Materialien,


We attach great importance to sustainability. Therefore, we use recycled materials wherever possible.